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Donate To A Fund

Fund Name
Donate Acts XXIX Designated Fund
Donate Aid from St. Aidan Endowment Fund
Donate Amazing Catholic Educators Fund
Donate Ann Clair O'Keefe Kilgore Scholarship
Donate A Place of Peace - The Bill and Peggy Stanton Family Fund
Donate Archbishop's Fund for Catholic Education
Donate Archdiocese of Detroit Spirit of Innovation Granting Endowment
Donate Art for God's Sake
Donate Augustinian Scholarship Endowment for Austin Catholic High School
Donate Austin Catholic Prep Detroit, Class of 1963 Scholarship Endowment
Donate Ave Maria Radio Endowment Fund
Donate Berg Sevier Fund
Donate Beverly DeVriendt Donor Advised Fund
Donate Beyond Basics: Literacy is for Everyone Designated Fund
Donate Bishop Kelley Catholic School Tuition Assistance Fund
Donate Bloomgren Family Fund
Donate Brian V. Hill Education Foundation for Marriage and Family
Donate Camp Sancta Maria Endowment Fund
Donate Cathedral of the Most Blessed Sacrament Endowment
Donate Catholic Charities of Southeast Michigan Endowment Fund
Donate Catholic Education and Formation - Field of Interest Fund
Donate Catholic Faithful Response Fund: Providing relief for those affected by the COVID-19 outbreak
Donate Catholic Foundation Michigan - General
Donate Catholic Foundation of Michigan Legacy Endowment
Donate Catholic Funeral and Cemetery Services Blessed Solanus Casey Endowment Fund
Donate Church in the City
Donate Conrad and Margaret Kreger Family Perpetual Mass Intentions
Donate Cork Town Children's Christmas Party Fund
Donate Corpus Christi Parish Endowment
Donate Cynthia Pryor "Stay Gold" Fund for St. Thecla Catholic School
Donate Czarnecki Family Donor Advised Fund
Donate De La Salle Collegiate High School Mission Fund
Donate Detroit Catholic Central High School Fund
Donate Divine Child High School Tuition Assistance Endowment Fund
Donate Ed and Gerri Parks Charitable Fund
Donate Eugene and Jeanne LoVasco DAF
Donate Felician Sisters of North America - Livonia Support Fund
Donate Founders Circle
Donate Francis J. and Nancy S. Roney Family Gift Fund
Donate Friends of MCES Scholarship Fund
Donate Fr. John Riccardo OLGC Parish School Legacy Fund
Donate Fr. Prus Shrine Education Endowment
Donate Fr. Rich Treml Legacy Fund
Donate Gardiner Family Fund
Donate Gast Family Prolife Fund
Donate George and Kathleen McCann Family Fund
Donate Gesmundo Family Fund
Donate Gesu Catholic School Alumni Endowment Fund
Donate Getz Scholarship Fund Most Holy Trinity School
Donate Gospel of Life Disciples Fund
Donate Hear My Cry, O God
Donate Holy Redeemer Parish Support Fund
Donate Holy Redeemer School Support Fund
Donate International Samaritan Endowment Fund
Donate Ius Vitae - Mary Sue Terrasi Memorial Fund
Donate James and Margaret Burke Life Enhancement Fund
Donate James Anthony Hirn, Sr. and Anna Teresa Joan Hirn Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate James D. and Rosalie A. Miller and Friends of Chesterton Academy of Detroit Scholarship Fund
Donate James S. Menzies Scholarship Endowment for Everest Collegiate High School & Academy
Donate Janet Marie McGarry Endowment Fund
Donate Jim and Kelly Walker Family
Donate John Cameron Scholarship Fund
Donate John LoVasco Men of the Sacred Hearts Endowment
Donate Kathleen Kalpin Cobbledick Scholarship Fund
Donate Kenneth J. Weingartz Donor Advised Fund
Donate Lawrence and Maria Krzesowski Granting Fund
Donate Life Directions Mentorship Fund Designated Fund
Donate Lowis Family Fund
Donate Loyola High School Endowment Fund
Donate Lueck Family DAF
Donate Malta Clinic Assistance Designated Fund
Donate Mary Frances Donahoe & Elizabeth Hodgin Tuition Assistance Fund
Donate Mastrangelo Family Donor Advised Fund
Donate Mersino Family Fund
Donate Michael & Mary Louise Laurencelle Family Fund
Donate Migliazzo Family Fund
Donate Moloney Family Charitable Fund
Donate Monastery of the Blessed Sacrament Endowment Fund
Donate Most Holy Trinity Parish Endowment Fund
Donate Mother and Unborn Baby Care Endowment Fund
Donate Msgr. Chuck Kosanke Charitable Fund
Donate National Shrine of the Little Flower Basilica Educational Fund
Donate Operations Fund
Donate Our Lady of Hope Fund
Donate Our Lady of Lourdes Pilgrimage; Living Legacy of Sr. Rose Mary Sam
Donate Our Lady Queen of Martyrs Catholic Church Endowment
Donate Our Lady Queen of Martyrs Tuition Endowment
Donate Patricia Petrella Nouhan, MD Medical Education Fund
Donate Priest Pension Endowment
Donate Protect Life Michigan Endowment Fund
Donate Quesnelle Family Fund
Donate Regina High School Endowment Fund
Donate Ron and Peggy Weingartz Fund
Donate Ronnie and Jared's MDA Camp Fund
Donate Sacred Cultural Artwork Fund
Donate Salus Gives
Donate Sanctity of Life
Donate Scholarships
Donate Scholler Family Endowment Fund
Donate Scott and Theresa Bennett Charitable Fund
Donate Social Outreach - Field of Interest Fund
Donate Society of the Propagation of the Faith of the Archdiocese of Detroit Endowment
Donate Sr. Mary Ellen Howard Fund to benefit Cabrini Clinic
Donate Sr. Timothy Mercy High School Tuition Assistance Fund
Donate St. Albert the Great Evangelization Endowment
Donate St. Aloysius Neighborhood Services Endowment
Donate St. Anne Scholars Endowed Fund
Donate St. Anne Scholars Scholarship Fund
Donate St. Anselm Parish School Endowment
Donate St. Attracta Charitable Fund
Donate St. Cecilia Evangelization Foundation Donor Advised Fund
Donate St. Clare Catholic Educator Gratitude Fund
Donate St. Clare of Montefalco Scholarship Fund
Donate Ste. Anne de Detroit Restoration and Maintenance Endowment.
Donate St. Fabian Catholic School Fund for Future Endowment Fund
Donate St. Fabian Parish Endowment Parish Fund
Donate St. Frances Cabrini Clinic
Donate Stinson Family Donor Advised Fund
Donate St. Joseph Lake Orion Fund
Donate St. Kieran Catholic Church Endowment Fund
Donate St. Linus Catholic School Assistance Fund
Donate St. Louis Center Endowment Fund
Donate St. Martin de Porres Endowed Scholarship
Donate St. Martin de Porres Scholarship Fund
Donate St. Oscar Romero Endowed Grant
Donate St. Paul on the Lake Preservation Endowment Fund
Donate St. Regis Catholic School Endowment Fund
Donate St. Regis Parish Legacy Fund
Donate St. Thomas Aquinas Education Fund
Donate St. Vincent de Paul Conference Food Pantry of Catholic Church of St. Moses the Black
Donate Ted Gillary Academic Scholarship Fund
Donate The Asdrubal Barroso Medical Scholarship Endowment Fund
Donate The Babicz Family Fund
Donate The Basilica of Ste. Anne Restoration and Maintenance Fund
Donate The Beltramo Family Fund
Donate The Blessed Frassati Camp Scholarship
Donate The Brian and Janae Condit Family Fund
Donate The Cathedral Grotto
Donate The Colette and Christopher Rizik Donor Advised Fund
Donate The Daniel and Kristine Weingartz Charitable Fund
Donate The DeMars Family Endowed Scholarship for Regina High School students in honor of Alumnae Sara and Bethany
Donate The Diehl Family Fund
Donate The Frank Morelli Legacy Fund
Donate The Gary Evatz Memorial Scholarship Endowment for Austin Catholic High School
Donate The Helen and Mike Vlasic Family Fund
Donate The Kemp Family Fund
Donate The Lauren and Gregory Fisher Family Fund
Donate The Little Flower Fund
Donate The Michael and Susan Madison Donor Advised Fund
Donate The Morelli Family Fund
Donate The Nagle Charity Fund
Donate The Ronald and Beth DeVriendt Family Charitable Fund
Donate The Sanctuary Stations of the Cross
Donate The Schena Family Fund
Donate The Sharon and Rick Pine Scholarship Endowment for Austin Catholic High School
Donate Thomas Tocalis Fund
Donate Thomas Tocalis Scholarship Fund
Donate Tocalis School Support Fund
Donate Two Brothers Make-A-Wish Fund
Donate Undesignated Funds
Donate UTG Sent on Mission
Donate Vibrant Parish Life - Field of Interest Fund
Donate Walsh Family Fund
Donate William J. and Karen P. Flynn Foundation
Donate Woods Family Endowment Fund
Donate Young Adult Catholic Giving Circle